Least-Cost Routing

NetworkIP manages call routing and passes along the savings to our clients.

NetworkIP has developed sophisticated carrier cost optimization systems software effectively manages inbound and outbound carrier costs.

Inbound traffic: Historical inbound traffic patterns and analyzed and we then configure inbound routing definitions in a way that reduces our customer’s inbound costs.

Outbound traffic: Our Outbound Least Cost Router is able to dynamically choose the most cost effective carrier for call termination in real time. NetworkIP’s outbound LCR is tightly integrated with our iQT call quality system to determine the least expensive carrier while maintaining the highest call quality and connection rates in the industry.

Coupled together, the inbound and outbound LCR optimizers provide real time cost savings on every call; savings that can be passed to our customers through competitive pricing models. Our optimization of both cost and quality ensures the best consumer experience for their international calls.

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