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With a broad global network of direct routes to approximately 260 global regions and interconnections to more than 100 carriers, including all major U.S. Tier 1 carriers, NetworkIP Carrier Services’ network is designed to deliver consistent quality and ultimate reliability.

NetworkIP Carrier Services brings a full range of routing and termination solutions for international voice traffic needs.

We carry over 10 billion international and U.S. domestic minutes on our network annually, always with an excellent price-quality ratio, getting the most out of our service levels.

Our network also includes over 30 international PTT’s (postal telephone and telegraph) and a substantial number of foreign emerging competitive carriers.

The NetworkIP network includes our state-of-the-art, patented, dynamic quality assurance routing tool — iQT Technology (iQT) — which ensures the best in call monitoring, management, quality and termination. The highly qualified executive team at NetworkIP supervises a fully centralized network with real-time network administration and 24/7 technical support. Our robust voice network helps our customers grow their businesses by helping them strengthen their own products, facilitating their internal business operations and helping them create new value-added products and services.

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