A Strategy to Recapture International Long Distance Subscribers and Revenues

Subscribers at stake are those in the United States who make international long distance (ILD) calls and spend billions of dollars every year in the process.  Leading MVNOs realize that if they ignore this market segment, they are voluntarily handing market share and revenues to their competitors.

  • 20 million people, or 21 percent of United States adults who own a smartphone, make international calls
  • Nearly 60 million people in the United States, or one out of every four adults, makes international calls, with just over half of these callers using landlines or VoIP platforms

Rather than permitting OTT providers to use network bandwidth to earn revenues, mobile operators understandably want to use that bandwidth to generate revenues for themselves. NetworkIP can help mobile operators with a cloud-based solution for offering their own branded international long distance products, including unlimited calling.

Mobile Operators, Take Back the Revenue!